Patient Testimonials


Dr. Andy and staff have been extremely accommodating, professional and friendly throughout my treatment with them. The initial consultation was thorough and informative and all of my checkups since have been carried out swiftly and efficiently. If you're interested in Orthodontic treatment for either yourself or your kids and live in the SE WI area I would heartily recommend their services. I've enjoyed every step of the process so far. Looking forward to trying out some colored bands for the upcoming holidays! :# - Michael

I just moved recently from out of town.
My appointment was today. I was so impressed with the doctor and all the staff!!! Everyone was so nice and very professional!!!
Couldn't be happier!!!! - Shelley R.

Highly Recommend Dr. Koko and staff! They've made 2 out of my 4 kids smile - only 2 needed braces. :) They are highly skilled, kind & accommodating. Absolutely no judgement on rescheduled or missed appointments. They also worked with me on payments. My son just got his braces removed and I received a friendly, brief letter detailing the appointments needed for follow up care and what the future will look like. They also schedule my appointments via email promptly. Love and Thanks! - Jennifer B.

Without a doubt, Dr. Andy and his staff @ Kokodynski Orthodontics is the place for orthodontic and patient care! Thank YOU Dr. Andy and his amazing staff for fantastic all around service each and every time! You are an important part of our boys lives! Your professionalism, your attention to detail, your honesty and your true, caring nature has impacted both our teenage son's self- esteem. They take great pride in their smiles and now their dental health!! You and your staff always take the time to make us feel "at home" when we walk through the door whether it's a short or long visit and definitely no matter how many weeks or even months have passed! We appreciate YOU! - Michelle N.


First, Kerri behind the front desk is so sweet! My kids love her, especially my younger daughter. She has helped me many times with scheduling conflicts and she helped me calm my nerves when I was nervous for my kids! Secondly, the staff are all kind and caring. My son has had braces successfully put on and taken off, and my daughter had an expander successfully put on and taken off, even through Covid. They were extremely patient with my daughter, as her anxiety caused her to get overly worked up and sick. They were calm, talked her through it all and were able to continue, without ever showing signs of irritation. I have and will continue to highly recommend Kokodynski Orthodontics to many of my friends and family members. I'm just waiting for my daughter to get a bit older and she, too will be going through this great team of people to get braces.- Jeni K.